Our Story/About Amearco


American Hearing Center (AMEARCO) defines itself to be in the business of ear care.

AMEARCO has positioned itself to be "The Ear Care Specialists".

At the present time, the bulk of such business can be divided into:

  • Hearing screening and evaluation
  • Auditory rehabilitation
  • Hearing aid fitting and dispensing
  • Vestibular function evaluation and treatment

AMEARCO is a closely-held corporation established in early 1998 by several Philippine otorhinolaryngologists who thought there was a need for the medical community to influence the development of the Philippine hearing instrument dispensing industry. These doctors were resolved to further the development of ethical and professional hearing healthcare practices.

All of AMEARCO's stockholders are Diplomates of the Philippine Board of Otorhinolaryngology. Together they comprise roughly half of the total Philippine population of registered otorhinolaryngologists.

AMEARCO operates its own hearing instrument laboratory, which is run by seasoned professionals with extensive experiences in custom-made hearing instrument fabrication.


It boasts of being the only Philippine hearing health care network that has registered otorhinolaryngologists as guardians of its professional and ethical operations. The AMEARCO organization believes, and has proven, that its publicity perceived association with otorhinolaryngologists is an unmatched and sustainable source of distinct competitiveness. This characteristics has made AMEARCO extremely effective in getting patients to switch from other hearing care companies and/or hearing aid dispensers.